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Budget Support Manuals
Achieving Effective Financial Inclusion in South Africa (2,370kb)
SA Retail Banking Diagnostic Report (845kb)
2018 Financial Markets Review (1,327kb)
Inaugural Intergovernmental FinTech Working Group Workshop - April 2018 (5,040kb)
A National Minimum Wage for South Africa (2,714kb)
Debt Management Reports
SCM Review Update - 2016 (248kb)
Resolution Framework for Financial Institutions
OECD Economic Surveys: South Africa 2015 (1,455kb)
South Africa-Mauritius tax treaty
Infrastructure HR Capacitation Circular 2018
Infrastructure HR Capacitation Circular 2017
Infrastructure HR Capacitation Circular 2015
2015 Public Sector Supply chain management review (2,536kb)
The Status of and Demand for Internal Auditing in South African National Government Departments (625kb)
Draft regulations on the demarcation between Health Insurance Policies and Medical Schemes
Draft Framework Agreement for a sustainable mining industry entered into by organised labour, Organised Business and Government (349kb)
OECD Economic Surveys: South Africa 2013 (2,576kb)
Publication of Final Binder Regulations
African Fiscal Forum
Co-operative Banks Act Regulations (673kb)
Contractual savings in the Life Insurance Industry (502kb)
Development Co-operation Report
Economic Planning and International Relations
Fiscal Incidence Study - 2009
FISCU Documents
GHG - Emissions Intensity Benchmarks for the South African Carbon Tax (11,759kb)
Growth, Employment and Redistribution (GEAR)
Growth Diagnostics for South Africa (IGAP Report)
Insurance Commissions Reform Paper : 2008 (53kb)
International Monetary Fund (IMF)
KATZ Commission Report
Mutual Evaluation Report - Executive Summary Anti-Money Laundering and Combating the Financing of Terrorism 2009 (346kb)
The Microinsurance Regulatory Framework
OECD Economic Surveys: South Africa 2010 (3,360kb)
Overview OECD Economic Survey South Africa 2010 (309kb)
OECD Economic Surveys: South Africa 2008 (5,184kb)
Parliamentary Questions
Performance Information Handbook and Tool
Public Financial Management Performance Assessment Report (1,077kb)
Regulation 28
Retirement Funding Discussion
A National Poverty Line for South Africa
Social Security and Retirement Reform
State Owned Entities
SME's access to Finance in South Africa - A Supply-Side Regulatory Review (1,748kb)
Tonnage Tax discussion (897kb)
Treasury Internal Audit Framework - Revised 2009 (1,123kb)
VAT Merit goods - 15 Oct 2007 (2,135kb)
Windfall Tax Task Team

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